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In 2023, Karlsruhe-based artists Francis Karat and Koch&James took on the challenge to think about the relationship between the collections of Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe and machine intelligence.

Francis Karat: Greetings from the Black Forest (2023)

Ein Bild, das Text, Screenshot, Schrift, Kreis enthält. Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

Francis Karat plunged into the newly accessible digital archive of Badisches Landesmuseum, rummaging around, digging, diving in and reappearing with a pile of postcards from the Black Forest.

These postcards are now set in motion with image-to-video AI tools. Accompanied by a sound design between atmospheric and noise, between shellac and tape, the historical cards are brought to life.

Transformations are part of this process: At first, there was a picture, painted 90 years ago, which was printed on paper, put up for sale and then written on, stamped and mailed – perhaps significant as a message, it was finally archived in the museum. As a basis for generative videographic interpretation, it is captured on displays in a loop and placed back in a postcard stand designed by Johannes Bauer, reminiscent of an advertising pillar. Sound on!

Are we simply using the contemporary post office when we are on social media, aimlessly sending video cards out into the world? Will they be decodable in a hundred years’ time?

The digital version of Grüße aus dem SchwarzwaId has now been passed on by the artist to an artificial intelligence for interpretation via an invitation to participate in the Datalab. What does AI have to tell us? What value do transformations have for us? Are AI foundation models the archives of the future and how do we want to read them?

Koch&James: Product Content Knowledge Filter (2023)

Ein Bild, das Screenshot, Muster, Kreis, Grafiken enthält. Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

As part of their collaboration with Badisches Landesmuseum, the Karlsruhe-based artist duo Koch&James had access to parts of the museum’s collection for use in their own work. Utilising prehistoric ceramics and metal artifacts, Koch&James created a digital video work and a series of photo prints. The series in total is titled Product Content Knowledge Filter, and examines the ways that contemporary image consumption informs and deforms our understanding of deep history.

Art Intervention: Artificial Artist Assistant (2022)

Pop-Up Office during the conference by Frank Bierlein, Moph Zielke, Karlsruhe

Ralf Tüllner, Deep Story (2023)

„Sandmanns Elbhaus - Die anhaltische Dampfschifffahrt um 1900 aus der Sicht eines Ausflugslokals“