The xCurator Prototype - Curators wanted!

Vision and Goals

xCurator is based on a central problem: Most users can do very little with large museum collections and often do not know what to look for. They want support in interest-led access and contextualisation. This situation, which could be summed up with “large, confusing collections” and “unclear and diverse interests”, is therefore at the beginning of the user journey; the tool creates different entry points that deliver a satisfactory content-related result.

xCurator is an AI-based tool for the public. It helps museum users to develop and carry out their own curatorial process, i.e., to find, sort and combine relevant objects and additional content, to contextualise and compare cultural heritage and to create a meaningful interpretation (in the form of stories) from the selection.

The use of artificial intelligence in xCurator

In the prototype, various methods from the field of artificial intelligence are used:

  • Topic modelling

  • Colour extraction

  • Image search and general search functionalities

  • Entity linking

  • Translation

The xCurator prototype was developed together with 3pc in 2022.