Curate with Collections!

Here you find the xCurator tool which helps you to curate your Story using the museums’ collections.

To the xCurator tool (Beta Release 19.12.2023)

The Software

xCurator is an AI-based tool for the public. It helps museum users to develop and carry out their own curatorial process, i.e., to find, sort and combine relevant objects and additional content, to contextualise and compare cultural heritage and to create a meaningful interpretation (in the form of stories) from the selection.

Thiel, S., Räuchle, S., Spiridonovs, A., & Posthumus, E. et al. (2023). Badisches-Landesmuseum/xcurator: December 2023 (Version 202312).

The Datasets

The Allard Pierson Dataset

The Allard Pierson dataset is based on the Beeldbank collection, retrieved from the Open data collection hosted by the University of Amsterdam Library. The Beeldbank contains circa 49,147 objects, which are items with visual representations from the Cultural Heritage Collections at the University of Amsterdam and Allard Pierson museum.

The Linked Open Data representation of the AP collection was used for the xCurator tool and converted to a JSON dataset of 17,257 objects.

Here is a link to a sample item from the AP source:

And here is the item shown in xCurator.

The Badisches Landesmuseum Dataset

The data of Badisches Landesmusem is managed by the Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg, and a special export version of the data was made for the CUE project.

The JSON dump from the ExpoDB service was used as a source. Its 36,589 records were analysed and 24,800 used for the xCurator tool.

Here is a link to a sample item from the BLM: B38B080283A64D7891DDE2B93762D3E1

And here is the item shown in xCurator.