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In Paris, we find an array of fascinating museum objects that transport us through different eras and artistic styles.

Starting with a music box by "Pathé Frères" from around 1920, this impressive automaton allows you to select and listen to 16 different records, showcasing the innovative design and unique sound of Pathé records.

Moving on, we discover a sculpture depicting the mythical story of Hercules, Deianeira, and Nessus. Created in 1845-1850, this sculpture beautifully captures the dramatic moment of Hercules saving Deianeira from the treacherous centaur Nessus.

Another captivating object takes us to the Seine river in Paris during the 1970s-1990s. A photograph of a painter captures the magic and inspiration of artistic life along the Seine, with the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in the background.

Traveling back in time, we encounter a Parisian painting from the early 20th century that provides a serene view of the river, beautifully capturing the charm and ambiance of the city.

Continuing our journey, we come across a unique artifact: a "Disque Pathé - Pathé-Théâtre" record from around 1920. Produced by Pathé Frères, this record contains three figures of a quadrille for a dance hall, showcasing the cultural and entertainment scene of the time.

The collection also includes a Jugendstil tile with a floral pattern from around 1900, created by Utzschneider & Cie, a renowned ceramic factory in Sarreguemines. This tile reflects the influence of the Art Nouveau movement and showcases the company's remarkable craftsmanship.

Finally, we discover a lithograph portraying Grand Duke Charles Frederick of Baden, who played a pivotal role in the political and territorial developments of Baden around 1826.

These diverse objects not only offer glimpses into different artistic styles and historical periods but also invite us to explore the rich cultural heritage of Paris. They provide a captivating narrative that connects us with the city's vibrant artistic, musical, and historical past.

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