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When was Karlsruhe Palace built?

Karlsruhe Palace was built in the 18th century.

Karlsruhe Palace, also known as Schloss Karlsruhe, has a rich history. Here are some objects related to the palace:

  1. Das Türkenzimmer im Karlsruher Schloss mit Gobelins

    • Date: 1925
    • Description: This object showcases the so-called Türkenzimmer (Turkish Room) in Karlsruhe Palace, which was located on the first floor of the eastern corner pavilion. The room featured Gobelins tapestries crafted in Brussels in the 18th century. The palace was extensively rebuilt in the 18th century and later became the seat of the Badisches Landesmuseum (Baden State Museum).
  2. Stadtansicht: Karlsruhe, Schloss von Südosten

    • Date: After 1785
    • Description: This colored copper engraving depicts a detailed view of Karlsruhe Palace from the southeast. It accurately shows the front and side of the palace, including the entrance to the palace church. The image also depicts guards and carriages, indicating how the entrance was situated in the early 1780s. The engraving provides insights into the layout of the palace and the surrounding gardens.
  3. Ansicht: Schloss Karlsruhe

    • Date: End of the 19th century
    • Description: This cork model represents Karlsruhe Palace, which was constructed as the new residence of Margrave Charles William of Baden-Durlach in the early 18th century. The palace was later renovated by Margrave Charles Frederick of Baden-Durlach. The model does not depict the palace in an entirely accurate manner but instead provides a decorative representation with simplified architectural details.

These objects offer a glimpse into the history, architecture, and interiors of Karlsruhe Palace.