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2023-09-21 15:52:14 JSON

I would like a statistical overview of all the cats in the collection. Can you break this down for me?

Oh, I found some interesting objects related to cats in the collection. Here are a few of them:

  1. Kattenkop kat: It is a terracotta sculpture of a cat's head. Unfortunately, the left side is missing, but you can still see the brown and yellow remnants. (Allard Pierson Museum)

  2. Mr. Symon Episcopius van Amsterdam: This is a portrait of Simon Episcopius, a theologian, at the age of 40 in 1623. It is based on a painting by Dirck Pietersz Bontepaert and can be found in the collection of the Remonstrant community in Rotterdam. (Allard Pierson Museum)

  3. Over de waarde der katatone symptomen: This is a dissertation from 1918 about catatonic symptoms. (Allard Pierson Museum)

  4. Panter: This is a terracotta sculpture of a sitting panther or cat. The hair is represented by small scratches all over the body. It also has a long tail. (Allard Pierson Museum)

  5. Kat mummie, kattekop: This is the head of a cat mummy, made of animal remains and linen. (Allard Pierson Museum)

  6. Der Kater Hiddigeigi: This is a detailed photograph of the Kater Hiddigeigi fountain in Bad Säckingen, Germany. The fountain was created in 1978 and depicts a black cat, inspired by the poem "Der Trompeter von Säckingen" by Joseph Victor von Scheffel. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

  7. Katze im Blumenbeet: This is a photograph of a cat in a flowerbed in a garden in Geneva. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

  8. Figur eines Jungen mit Hund und Katze: This is a 19th-century figure of a boy with a dog and a cat. The boy is wearing a pointed hat and has his hand on the roof of a dog kennel. The cat is approaching from the left. It is an idealized depiction of the relationship between humans and animals. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

  9. Emma Bregger mit Katze: This is a photograph of Emma Bregger, petting a tiger cat while standing in the sunny arbor/winter garden of the Maier pottery. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

These are just a few examples of the cat-related objects in the collection. Let me know if you want more information about any of them or if there's something specific you're interested in!