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Show me maps of Amsterdam

Here are some maps of Amsterdam that you might find interesting:

  1. Neuer Sächsischer Atlas (1760) - This atlas contains hand-drawn regional maps of the seven districts of the Electorate of Saxony, including Leipzig, Meissen, and Thuringia. It was created by A. F. Zürnert. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  2. Nieuwe kaart van het Oostelijk Dok voor de stad Amsterdam (1841) - This engraving depicts the construction of the Eastern Dock in Amsterdam, along with the surrounding canals. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  3. Uitlegging der stad Amsterdam aan de IJ zijde met een brug over het IJ (1865) - This map showcases the development of Amsterdam on the IJ side, including the construction of a bridge over the IJ. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  4. Nieuwe volledige platte grond van Amsterdam (1873) - This detailed map of Amsterdam shows the proposed canals, streets, and railway stations. It also includes a legend and labels key buildings and accommodations. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  5. Amsterdammers (1919) - Although not a traditional map, this artwork captures the essence of Amsterdam and its people. [Allard Pierson Museum]

Feel free to explore these maps and let me know if there's anything specific you would like to learn more about!

find images with birds

Here are some images featuring birds:

  1. Vogel - This engraved image focuses on the details of a bird, including its wings, eyes, beak, and feathers. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  2. De vogels (1917) - This artwork showcases various birds in a decorative and colorful composition. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  3. De zangvogeltjes (1886) - An illustration depicting singing birds. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  4. A century of birds from the Himalaya mountains (1832) - This image comes from a book featuring a collection of bird illustrations from the Himalayan region. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  5. Histoire naturelle et générale des grimpereaux et des oiseaux de paradis (1802) - An illustration from a book about the natural history of nuthatches and birds of paradise. [Allard Pierson Museum]

Feel free to click on the links to view the images. If you would like more specific images or information about birds, let me know!

find images with a pizza

Here are some images related to pizza:

  1. Fries, graf - This image features a fragment of a relief on a temple tomb, depicting a group of figures including a naked man, a satyr, and two maenads. The relevance to pizza might be due to the term "fries" which is a type of food. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  2. Nejedz spinavyma rukama [nicht mit schmutzigen Händen essen!] (1926) - This artwork depicts a worker eating alone, with a group of workers eating and drinking in the background. The object is numbered 18 and is in red and black on white. While it doesn't directly relate to pizza, it addresses eating with dirty hands, which can be relevant to enjoying food. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  3. Offerbord - This object is an offering plate with a modeled tethered bull, shank, fruit, and bread. While pizza is not specifically mentioned, the concept of food offerings is connected to the idea of sharing and enjoying meals. [Allard Pierson Museum]

  4. Italia irredenta (1910) - This is a political poster featuring the slogan "Italia irredenta," which refers to the Italian irredentist movement reclaiming territories with significant Italian populations. Although the image doesn't depict pizza directly, the cuisine is often associated with Italy. [Allard Pierson Museum]

Please note that the images presented may not directly depict pizza, but rather have associations or connections that relate to the topic. Let me know if there's anything specific you would like to explore further or if you have any other requests!