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show me museum objects found in suriname

Here are some museum objects related to Suriname:

  1. Algemeene kaart van de Colonie of Provintie van Suriname - This map from 1770 shows the general layout of the colony of Suriname, including rivers, districts, and plantations. It also includes a scale and names of the plantations.

  2. Verzoekschrift met bijlagen betreffende salarisverbetering van gouvernements bureau-ambtenaren - This document from 1919 is a petition with attachments regarding salary improvements for government officials in Suriname.

  3. Generale caart van de provintie Suriname - This general map of the province of Suriname from 1737 shows rivers, districts, plantations, and military expeditions. It also includes a decorative engraving with the words Justitia, Pietas, Fides.

  4. Nieuwe Kaart van Suriname - This map from 1718 depicts the rivers and land areas of Suriname, including the regions of Comowini, Cottica, and Marawini. It provides detailed information about cities, forts, plantations, and the depth of rivers and banks.

  5. Para-rubber cultuur in Suriname - This document from 1911 focuses on the rubber culture in Suriname.

Please let me know if you would like more information on any of these objects or if there's anything specific you are interested in!