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2023-09-21 16:01:03 JSON

Could you show me some objects related to nuclear weapns

Sure! Here are some objects related to nuclear weapons:

  1. Title: "De strijkinstrumenten uit een natuurkundig oogpunt beschouwd" Description: This is a book from 1916 that provides a scientific perspective on string instruments. View Object

  2. Title: "War obviated by an international police" Description: This is a book from 1915 that discusses the idea of preventing war through an international police force. View Object

  3. Title: "Plakat: 'Nai hämmer gsait!'" Description: This poster from the 1970s features a crossed-out nuclear power plant and the slogan "Nai hämmer gsait! Kein Atomkraftwerk in Wyhl und Anderswo" (We have said no! No nuclear power plant in Wyhl and elsewhere). It was used as a symbol of protest against nuclear power. View Object

  4. Title: "Antiatomkraftbewegung" Description: These images from 1992 show anti-nuclear power protesters demonstrating against the Fessenheim nuclear power plant on the Rheinbrücke bridge in Breisach. View Image 1 View Image 2 View Image 3 View Image 4 View Image 5 View Image 6

Please let me know if you would like more information on any of these objects!