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all maps of Java

I found some maps of Java for you:

  1. Teeken-atlas van Ned. Oost-Indië voor de lagere school (1898) - This atlas consists of 33 maps of Dutch East Indies (including Java) intended for primary school education.

  2. Rapport van de Commissie tot onderzoek naar den toestand van het inlandsch onderwijs op Java (1869) - This report examines the condition of indigenous education on Java. It provides insights into the state of education during that time.

  3. Paskaart van Sumatra, West-Java en Zuid-Malakka (1710) - This nautical chart shows Sumatra, West Java, and South Malacca. It is a valuable historical document for maritime navigation.

  4. Atlas minor sive geographia compendiosa qua orbis terrarum .. (1690) - This atlas, written in Latin, contains 94 maps (out of 100). It includes a map of Java and provides a comprehensive overview of the world during that time.

  5. Schetskaart van Midden Sumatra (1877) - This sketch map of Central Sumatra was used in a report about a journey from Padang to Djambi and Palembang. It includes annotations and legends, providing valuable geographical information.

Feel free to explore these maps and let me know if you need more information!