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can be tell me something about objects related to childhood in the 13th century

Sure! Here are some objects related to childhood in the 13th century:

  1. Katholieke kindertuin, of legenden voor kinderen - This is a book published in 1906. It contains legends and stories for children and was intended to provide religious instruction.

  2. Kort begrip der bijbelsche geschiedenis - This is a schoolbook for children, published in 1813. It provides a concise summary of biblical history for educational purposes.

  3. Gelukskinderen - This is a book published in 1912. It explores the concept of "lucky children" and may contain stories or lessons related to childhood happiness.

  4. Onderrichtingen aan katholieke ouders betrekkelijk de godsdienstige opvoeding hunner kinderen - This book, published in 1913, provides instructions for Catholic parents regarding the religious upbringing of their children.

  5. Het Kindeken Jezus in Vlaanderen - Published in 1918, this book focuses on the portrayal of the child Jesus in the cultural context of Flanders.

Feel free to explore these objects further by clicking on the links. Let me know if there's anything specific you would like to know about any of them!