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2023-09-21 12:52:35 JSON

show me an old map of suriname

Sure! Here are some old maps of Suriname that you might find interesting:

  1. Kaart van de plantages Acaribo, Waterlandt, Larencontre en Domburgh, gelegen aan de Suriname-rivier - This map dates back to 1719 and shows the plantations along the Suriname River. It includes a scale and some additional information. View Map

  2. Kaart van Suriname - This map from 1882 includes a legend and a list of plantations. It provides information about the production in 1880. View Map

  3. Algemeene kaart van de Colonie of Provintie van Suriname - This map from 1770 includes the names of plantations and scales indicating the size of the plantations. It also mentions the authority of the Amsterdam city council. View Map

  4. Algemeene kaart van de Colonie of Provintie van Suriname - This is a later edition of a map originally published by H. de Leth. It includes scales and a list of plantation owners. It dates back to 1758. View Map

  5. Landkaart van de Volkplantingen Suriname en Berbice - This map from 1758 includes scales indicating sea miles and Surinamese miles. View Map

Feel free to explore these maps and let me know if you need more information or assistance with anything else!