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2023-08-22 09:44:12 JSON

show me images with a pizza

Sure! Here are some images related to pizza:

  1. Fragment van fries: This object is a fragment of fries, featuring a profiled edge, a fish tail, and part of a wing. (Allard Pierson Museum)

  2. Ein gusseiserner Ofen: This is a cast iron stove from 1907. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

  3. Große Fahrt nach Skandinavien Sommer 1927: This photo shows the Leipzig Wandervogel Group eating "Papierbrot" (paper bread) during their trip to Sweden in 1927. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

  4. Lebensmittelverpackung: Klipp-Verpackung: This is an uncolored cardboard packaging used for takeout food during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was used by the restaurant "DeliBurgers" for quick pickup of pre-ordered food. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

  5. Flyer für Iftar-Lieferdienst des Muslimischen Studentenvereins Karlsruhe: This flyer promotes the Iftar delivery service organized by the Muslim Student Association of Karlsruhe. Instead of the usual public invitation for students and university staff to break their fast together during Ramadan, they arranged a delivery service. Local restaurants, groups, or individuals donated food packages, which were picked up and delivered to six dormitories by the students. (Badisches Landesmuseum)

Please click on the links to view the images and learn more about these objects. Let me know if you need any further information or if there's something else I can assist you with!