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2023-09-21 16:03:45 JSON

Are their any object of or about RamsesII

I found several objects related to or about Ramses II:

  1. Faraokop, Amenhotep II of Thoetmosis III: This object is a half head of a pharaoh, possibly depicting Amenhotep II or Thoetmosis III. It features the nemes headdress and a royal beard.

  2. Throne, Lion: This object is a throne or chest carried by two lions. It has four busts of Hathor (presumably) in relief on the side armrests.

  3. Fragment Koningsfiguur (Pharaoh): This object is a fragment of a royal figure, possibly a pharaoh. It shows a khat headdress, a headscarf, and an uraeus, emerging from a leaf calyx.

  4. Uschebti des Neb-Sumenu: This object is an ushabti figurine that belonged to Neb-Sumenu, a scribe who likely worked in one of the treasuries of Ramses II. Ushabtis were funerary figurines that were meant to perform tasks in the afterlife on behalf of the deceased.

  5. Uschebti des Seneri: This object is another ushabti figurine that belonged to Seneri, a commander and overseer of archers during the reign of Ramses II.

  6. Uschebti des Seneri: This is another ushabti figurine that also belonged to Seneri.

You can click on the links to view more information about each object. Let me know if you would like to explore any of them further or if you have any specific questions about Ramses II.